Monday, 7 July 2008

No. 1 - Learning to play


This is my first article for my brand new piano blog! I'll be writing fresh articles every day, so read this article, and if you like what you see, please visit again!

So, to start off, I'll talk about something that many people say they'd like to be able to do, and even more "wish they'd learned when they were younger" - learning to play the piano, or, indeed, any instument. It is something that so many would like to be able to do, yet so few try.

So what draws people into learning an instrument?

Perhaps seeing there favourite rock star in concert, favourite performer on stage or even one of their friends strumming away on his/her guitar would persuade someone to embark upon a musical embargo, and begin the long, satisfying journey of learning an instroment and finally doing something you've wanted to do all your life, but never really got round to doing.

Maybe it's just wanting to have a hobby other than sports or video games (the case with so many youths of today) or perhaps it's something you want to do to, either to prove to yourself that you can, or to impress someone (it looks pretty good on a CV)!

Whatever your motivation, whatever your reason for starting to learn, one thing is still going to be the same - it's not going to be easy, and anyone who says it's a piece of cake is telling porkies! :) It'll be a long, strenuous and often frustrating journey that'll sometimes get you stressed out rather than relax you!

But it'll also be fun, rewarding very satisfying pastime, which will not only let you learn more about music, but also let you discover new skills and qualities that you never yourslf realised you had. I say this as a pianist of eight or nine years encounting, and trust me, it's been worth every minute of practice ;)


In my next article, I'll be talking about the thing you need to do in order to learn - practise! It'll cover how long and how often you should practise, what you might want to do beforehand, and some of my other top tips for getting the most out of each practise session.

Thanks for reading!

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